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Tips for a Better Finished Quilt


Square your quilt top and backing, no uneven or ragged edges.

Make sure edges are straight.

Indicate the top of the quilt by safety pinning a note.

Press top with seams closed as wrinkles may not always quilt out. (Take

care to press seams toward similar colors to prevent dark fabric from showing though your quilt top.)

Placed on a flat surface the quilt top should lay perfectly flat.

Trim all loose thread on the back of your quilt top.

Trim loose threads on the top.

Check for extra or stretched fabric.

Make sure seams are secure. (Particularly those along the edge of your quilt top)

If your top has no borders, stay-stitch 1/4” in all the way around the edge.

No serger stitching.

Do not add embellishments till after machine quilting.

Prairie Points, Pockets, etc: These should be tacked down for quilting.(discuss if it is ok to quilt over them)

Trim dark seams so they won’t show through to the front.

Mark the center of the quilt top on the top and bottom.


Batting type: We have available 80/20 Hobbs batting if not using ours then a high quality batting must be provided..

Batting must be 4 to 5 inches larger on all four sides of the quilt top.


Backing must be 4 to 6” larger on all sides of the quilt top.

Must be square.

Pieced backs must be very square and flat.

Good quality cotton or good quality muslin quilt back fabric. (No bed sheets)

Indicate the top of the backing by safety pinning a note.

Pieced backing: Seams should run horizontal, 5/8” wide pressed open.

If pieced the seam should be appropriately 5/8” wide and pressed open. (If sewn on the salvage edge, the salvage should be removed.)

Mark the center of the backing both top and bottom

Press backing wrinkles may not always quilt out.


  • Your backing should be well pressed (transport neatly folded and hung on a hanger to avoid wrinkles)

  • Straighten (square) the edges of your backing (fold fabric to fit on cutting board and trim raw edges even); this ensures the quilt loads onto the machine straight, which is important for keeping the design square on your top

  • DO NOT baste your quilt

  • Do not pin, baste or sandwich your quilt.

  • Clip all threads.



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